John Wyant

John H. Wyant

Mr. Wyant founded and is Managing Director of Blue Chip Venture Company which has $600 million of capital under management and five venture funds. The portfolio owns, or has owned, an interest in over 100 fast growth companies primarily in industries including information technology, healthcare services, and media and marketing services. Mr. Wyant has been a Director of over 35 private or public companies. His initial training was in branch management with The Procter and Gamble Company and then as marketing director with Kings Island of Taft Broadcasting Company. He also served as CEO for two venture backed start-up companies, Home Entertainment Network and Nutrition Technology Corporation. Mr. Wyant is an owner and Director of Grandin Properties, a real estate development and management firm. Mr. Wyant has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Denison and a Juris Doctor degree from Salmon P. Chase College of Law.