Larry Sheakley

Larry A. Sheakley

Larry Sheakley is the CEO and owner of the Sheakley Group of Companies. Sheakley has grown from one local Cincinnati, Ohio third-party administrator/human resource outsourcing company to a holding company of twenty-three separate operating businesses with locations across the U.S. 

Mr. Sheakley has additional business interests held in Lyonshare Investments, Inc. where he serves as Chairman. Those include an ownership stake in the Cincinnati Reds Baseball team, RM Waste Enterprises, LLC, Galaxy Chemicals Corporation, and other significant investments in real estate and restaurants. Larry is also owner and managing partner of Irish Air, LLC.

Mr. Sheakley has served as a member of the Governors Task Force on Employment Services in Ohio. He is a past president of the National Association of Unemployment Tax Organizations.

Holding various civic and cultural interests Mr. Sheakley is a member of numerous boards, both public and private. Currently Larry serves on boards for the Cincinnati Music Hall Revitalization Committee, the University of Cincinnati Foundation Board and is involved with the Oversight Committee for the Partnership for a Greater Cincinnati.

Most recently, Mr. Sheakley has served on boards as Chairman of the Cincinnati Art Museum, co-chair of the Cincinnati Opera Capital Campaign and has served on the Cincinnati Ballet Building Committee. In the past, Larry has served on the following boards: the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America as President, National Board Member, co-chair of Team in Training, and the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Additionally, he has served on the leadership campaign for the United Way and the Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund. Mr. Sheakley has also served as Vice Chair of the Taft Museum of Art and served on the University of Cincinnati U-Cats Board.

Larry’s personal involvement of time and treasures in civic, cultural and national organizations reflects his commitment to their causes and his determination to make things happen.